The dreaded “P” word.  Every agent cringes when they hear it.  They will even try to dress it up and call it “lead generation” instead, but its still the same animal.  It’s prospecting and its critical to your success!  Once you make the commitment to understand, implement and perfect your prospecting abilities, you’ll finally start to see cash flow instead of the feast or famine that so many agents are familiar with.

So, what IS prospecting? On todays show we’ll give you a simple definition that will help you focus your efforts and keep you on track.  We’ll also cover the different types of prospecting and our recommendations for how to split your time and efforts across the board.  If you’ve been struggling to dive deep into the prospecting pool, we have just the lifeline for you!

Prospecting is the ability to generate quality business in an efficient and effective manner, with predictable and duplicatable results.  This translates to freedom for you and the power to run a real estate business that thrives consistently!

Effective prospectors are not dependent on market conditions, price range, being at the “right” brokerage or any other outside force.  This requires skill, discipline and action.  So, take solace in the fact that you don’t have to manage anything or anyone else to get appointments – just yourself!

You have two categories of people to call each day: people you know and people you don’t. People you know include past clients and Center of Influence calls.  This should be your strongest spoke on your lead generation wheel.  It also can be the spoke that can get away from you if its not tended to regularly.  People you don’t know include FSBO’s, expired, new construction – and everyone else you don’t already know!

Once you’ve separated those two categories you have to make your ideal combination of spokes.  Listen to todays show to drill down on those categories and to truly understand why prospecting is the cornerstone of every great real estate business.

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