We’ve coached thousands of agents over the last couple of decades, and one of the consistent concerns we hear is “I need more leads!”. Does this sound like you? If you’re like most agents, though, odds are that lead generation isn’t your largest problem – it’s actually lead pre-qualification & conversion. Obviously those leads are a lot easier to convert once you’ve pre-qualified them, so in today’s episode we’re concluding our discussion of the best way to prequalify those leads – along with scripts & strategies to help you do it more effectively.

Selling real estate is a marathon – not a sprint – and part of pacing yourself is ensuring that the limited time in your day is going towards dollar-productive activities that actually make you money. When it comes to prequalification, we can’t stress enough how important it is to identify & focus on the best prospects first. The scripts & strategies we’ve been presenting help you do that in the most effective way possible, letting you focus on making more money with the best leads possible. If you missed them, listen to Part 1 or Part 2 here.

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