Rob Johnson from Halstead Property

Very few real estate agents start in this industry — nearly all of us are transplants from somewhere else, and often the career experience we bring with us helps to cross-pollinate our practice and helps us provide a higher level of service to our clients.

This is especially true for today’s guest, Rob Johnson from Halstead Property in Greenwich, Connecticut. Rob transitioned into real estate after a highly successful career in the financial brokerage industry, and he also has experience in the construction and development side of the business through work with South Beach Partners, a residential home builder in his local area.

Rob joins us today to discuss how he puts his experience to use in providing the highest level of service possible in the Greenwich area’s high-end luxury market. He’s going to share his keys to success in working for his exclusive clientele, and we’re going to discuss he’s applied his past experience to help him provide a superior level of service and knowledge in his business.

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