As conservative talk-show host Rush Limbaugh has said, “words mean things” – and when it comes to real estate, it’s not only the meaning of the words you choose that matters, it’s also the emotional associations & hidden connotations to those words that have meaning.

The meaning, connotations, and associations of what we say are the reason that real estate scripts exist in the first place. These are the “tried & true” selling points & key objection handlers that countless thousands of agents have learned work to move their potential buyers & sellers from where they currently are in the transaction to where they need to be in order to list the property or close the sale.

While scripts are great for specialized situations like phone-prospecting or overcoming a buyer objection, it’s also important to realize that the words you use in normal conversation can influence your transactions as well. So in this article, we’ll be presenting 17 examples of do’s & don’ts that make a difference when you’re interacting with prospects & clients.

1) Don’t like calling yourself a sales person?  Change your language to be come more comfortable in sales, so your prospects and clients will be more comfortable working with YOU! Refer to yourself as a ‘Professional Problem Solver”, a “Real estate advisor”, a ‘trusted home advisor’.

2) What do you do for a living?
“I match the right homes with the right people.  Who do you know who could use my help buying or selling property?”

3) How is the market?
The market is excellent…who do you know that I could be helping buy or sell real estate?

4) Never say: Monthly payment.
Replace with: Monthly investment.

5) Never say: CONTRACT.
Replace with: paperwork.

6) Never say: Buy
– Replace with: Invest

7) Never say: Sold
Replace with: ‘Familes served, families helped’

8) Never say: Deal
Replace with: An opportunity.

9) Never say: Sign the contract.
Replace with: “OK it”, “Approve it”, “Authorize it”  “Endorse this”

10) Never say: Pitch
Replace with: Presentation / Confidential consultation.

11) Never say: When do you plan on selling / moving?
Replace with: Who do you know who plans on moving soon?

12) Never say: Problem.
Replace with: Challenge

13) Never say: Lower price, drop the price, slash the price, etc.
Replace with: Improve the price, adjust the price to more accurately represent the expectations of the buyers who are currently looking.

14) Never say: Objection
Replace with: Area of concern.

15) Never say: Customers.
Replace with: Families we serve.

16) Never say: Prospects
Replace with: Future clients

17) Never say: Appointment.
Replace with: Visit, pop-by, pop-by visit. “I will pop-by today at 5pm for a visit”


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