Failure is hard, but success ain’t easy either! At the risk of sounding braggadocios, we get lots feedback from our coaching members who indicate that they’re struggling to keep up & maintain their positive mindset as they become more successful in real estate.

Members often came into coaching with a mindset of failure – and are often very surprised & not sure how to copy with success when they finally start to achieve it. Fortunately, part of coaching is learning how to roll with the punches & keep an even keel no matter what your business is doing, so this is something that we have a lot of experience helping agents with.

Odds are it’s not the big, fat commission checks causing you stress as you become more successful. It’s usually a lack of free time, constant pressure to perform at a high-level, and changing relationships with your friends, colleagues, and family that cause uncertainty. These factors are critical to address since they’re often used as an excuse not to be successful. They think they can’t handle the stress – but nothing could be further from the truth.

11 Keys To Dealing With Stress

1) Embrace the fact that the only solution is to learn how to manage the stress you feel. It’s not going away. Doing fewer deals will make you less money, which will mean you’re helping fewer people. Do you feel more or less stressed with a higher income?

2) Where does stress come from? Lack of control, lack of belief you can handle it. Replace the thoughts of ‘I’m overwhelmed’, ‘I’m too busy’, ‘I can’t handle it’, with affirmations:

‘I’m confident and competent and surrounded by abundance. I can handle my business with grace.’

‘I’m the best job for helping these people accomplish their goals. When I help more people, the reward I receive is profit.’

“When you connect to the silence within you, that is when you can make sense of the disturbance going on around you.”

― Stephen Richard

3) Worrying about future and past. This prevents you from being in the moment. What you DO today effects the future. Take care of TODAY and your future will pay you back for your efforts. We say ‘Thank you, past Tim and Julie’, when we recognize the results of our past efforts. Work on building up your reservoir of today’s efforts.

4) Stay in your own 3-ft world. As Navy SEAL Mark Owen said in a “60-minutes” interview:

“I found myself frozen on a 300 foot cliff. I couldn’t go up and I couldn’t go down. My strength was beginning to drain.” The ex- Navy Seal being interviewed on 60 Minutes said. “The instructor swung over to me attached to his climbing rope and told me something that has impacted every part of my life.

‘Find your 3 foot world.’ He said.

“From that moment I focused fully on the cliff face before me, neither up nor down, not on what I couldn’t reach, nor to where I couldn’t step. Not on fear, nor tiredness; only on the task at hand. It was my three foot world and the only part of my world I had control over.”

It was a riveting image that captured my attention because it completely fit my own personal philosophy, yet was a more captivating discription.

Life often seems like we are hanging from a 300 foot cliff unable to go forward or go back. In those tremendously key moments in life what do we do? Getting it wrong often has great negative impact on our future life. So how do we turn paralysis and fear and things beyond our current reach into the kinds of accomplishments that allow us to overcome any challenge in those key moments, and how important is it to do this?

Understand that we only have control over our three foot world – that within our reach which we can do something about. Too often we reach beyond our three foot world and fall rather than bring our best to that which is within grasp. The big things in life are accomplished one small reachable step at a time until we get to where we are aiming. Let that be your three foot world in which you live.

5) Have simple, daily minimum standards which revolve around dollar productive activities. If it doesn’t lead to a paycheck, stop doing it.

6) Focusing on schemes instead of skills. A skill based business always has a better net profit, a more confident agent at the wheel and better long term success. Schemes come and go. Skills give you freedom.

7) Comparing yourself to others instead of to your own goals. Who cares what other agents are doing? Are they going to list or buy with you? Base your daily thoughts and actions on what matters to YOU. Worrying about other agents is scarcity minded. Taking action to meet or exceed your own goals is abundance minded.

8) Stick to your FOCUS. Follow One Course Until Successful. Be the BEST at the things that make you money in real estate. Don’t ‘dabble’ or ‘sample’.

9) Surround yourself with Roses and eliminate Roaches. Control your mind, body and wallet. If you have negative influences, remove them immediately.

10) Automate and systematize so you can handle your business more efficiently. Consider hiring a transaction coordinator if you don’t already have one. Make sure you’re using prequalification scripts every time so you only work with people who actually will buy and sell!

11) Implement today’s points by executing your Ideal Daily Schedule, adopting affirmations which replace your thoughts of stress, and FOCUS on the things that actually matter. You can handle more than you think!

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