Real estate is a sales profession, which means that it requires a positive attitude, interpersonal skills, intrinsic motivation, and a constant eye to production in order to keep your business growing. That’s true whether you’re a managing broker or an agent – but it’s especially important for agents, working with clients, putting together deals, and overcoming constant challenges.

It’s not easy – working in real estate means lots of meetings, unexpected twists & obstacles in your deals, a good deal of paperwork to complete, and then having a winning personality & professional presentation on top of it all. Then add in being expected to generate leads mostly out of thin air, and being peppered by bad & self-serving advice from colleagues & vendors, and it can give you a headache.

While you’re out there, doing your thing, try to keep in mind these 15 key points to really help you maintain a focus on the dollar-productive activities & positive attitude that make you money.

15 Key Principles For Real Estate Success

1) Show up. (daily schedule, control your mornings).

2) Follow Up. Relentlessly and professionally.

3) Be versatile. Be able to say YES in a variety of situations, working with a variety of people, not just who you ‘hit it off with’.

4) Be creative in your solutions. Don’t ever give up. Rigidity costs you money.

5) Recognize that Repetitious Boredom Pays Off.

6) Never practice ‘self agency’. The more people you help, the wealthier you will become. Stick to your mindset of service.

7) Make the commitment to be the BEST at the things that make you money in real estate: Lead Generation / Lead Follow Up / PreQualifying / Presenting / Negotiating and Closing. Get great at those things and the rest falls into place.

8) Don’t accept mediocrity from yourself, your assistant, your team or your office.

9) Systematize and Automate before you hire people.

10) Adopt best practices versus reinventing the wheel.

11) ABC…Always Be Closing! Closing for the appointment, the sale, the contract.

12) FOCUS: Follow One Course Until Successful.

13) Be committed to your practice, not one foot in and one out. There is no ‘try’ in real estate, only ‘do or do not’. (-Yoda)

14) Answer the phone!!!!!!!

15) Don’t be a secret agent.

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