Ready to be a superstar agent? It means earning a lot more, along with having the respect & praise of your peers, community, and even your competitors – but it’s not something that comes for free!

We’ve coached a lot of superstar agents, and the one thing they all have in common is daily minimum standards. Simply put, these are the daily tasks and goals they benchmark their own performance by to ensure that they’re staying on-track to meet their production goals.

Use the list below to help you establish priorities, and determine which areas of your life & career to set standards in. This is based on our work with countless coaching clients, and should serve you well as an effective planning tool to get you started.

1. Superstars have goals in the five areas of life: Family, Financial, Mental/Spiritual, Physical, and Educational. Superstars don’t just talk about these goals; they have them posted in their offices and review these goals daily. This is the reason they are working.

Hint: Balance is a myth. When you are focused on accomplishing a specific goal its normal to be out of balance.

2. Superstars have a schedule and take it seriously. Their schedule is based on dollar-productive activity. In real estate, this only means prospecting, lead Follow up, prequalifying, presenting, negotiating, and closing – lather, rinse, repeat.

Do the things you don’t want to do – when you don’t want to do them – at the highest level, consistently. When you do, you will have, be, and experience the things in life others never will ~ Tim & Julie Harris

3. Superstars don’t worry that doing the above is sometimes boring and they don’t start and stop what they’re learning all the time. They know that repetitive boredom pays off but only when momentum is reached. Stopping and starting creates the stopping and starting of income. Staying the course creates predictable, profitable outcomes.

4. Superstars have a Lead Generation Wheel. Imagine an old-fashioned wagon wheel. Can you see the old wheel with all the spokes? The strongest wheels always had the most spokes. If a wheel with many strong spokes hit a rock along the road, the wheel would have no problem rolling on down the road. Now imagine a wheel with only two or three spokes. If that wheel were to hit the same rock, what would happen? It would collapse.

For the sake of your real estate business, your goal should be to have as many strong spokes as possible. A spoke is a source of business. What 99% of all agents do is rely too heavily on too few spokes (sources of leads). It’s critical that you have a lead generating wheel with a minimum of seven strong spokes. Examples of potential ‘spokes’ include such things as: prospecting expireds and FSBOs, your Centers of Influence, geographic farm, social farm (social networking), REOs, BPOs, Radio/TV advertising, professional organizations, unions, Credit Unions, sports teams (your softball teams or kids teams), internet marketing, pay per click, various paid lead sources (Zillow) etc.

Hint: Don’t create a new spoke until the current spoke has been mastered.

5. Superstars are relentless with lead follow up. They can tell you their top five prospects off the top of their head, what is motivating these buyers or sellers, and when their next appointment is. They track these leads on a spreadsheet or wipe- off board.

6. Superstars use scripts and systems consistently. Virtually every aspect of their days is designed around accomplishing their goals. Anyone who is successful is so because they do the same thing – over and over.

Work expands to fill the time allotted for its completion. ~ Parkinson’s Law

7. Superstars NEVER wing it. They know that a smart man learns from his mistakes a brilliant mans learns from the mistakes of others. Follow the path in front of you. Never stop, never slow down.

8. Superstars devote 10% of their income and 10% of their time to education, even when they are producing the income required in meeting their goals. They are constantly improving their skills.

Fact: The more you learn, the more you earn – BUT ONLY WHEN YOU TAKE ACTION.

9. Superstars control their mind, body, schedule, and wallet. HREU Superstars do a brain dump everyday.

EMBRACE being bored. Know that repetitious boredom pays off. ~ Tim & Julie Harris

10. Superstars start with the end in mind.

11. Superstars always ask for help when they need it. They’re willing to ask for help from colleagues, their coach, or get it from the material available to them at HREU. Remember that our superstars were not born this way; they learned each of the above in a gradual, sometimes painful or frustrating way. It’s okay to be frustrated, it’s okay to need help. It’s not okay to do nothing.

12. Superstars know their numbers. They can tell you where their business comes from and how much they spend on each lead source in terms of time and money.

Hint: Listen to our past Superstar interviews and you’ll hear the results that these habits produce!

13. Superstars start and end the day the same way every day they’re working. Many of our best agents are also great at physically working out consistently. It’s all the same type of discipline.

14. Superstars give back.

15. Superstars are moving towards (or have reached) debt-free lives.

16. Superstars know that they are here to serve others. There is no higher purpose than being of service to others. Know this: The more people you help at the highest level, the more wealth, health, security, and happiness you will have.


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