Ordinary agents believe that if they just buy one more whiz-bang, promised-to-be- fantastic, probably online lead generation widget, that all their cash flow issues will be solved forever.

So how does that usually work out? Months later, they see miscellaneous unidentifiable charges on their Visa card, wondering where those leads are or what that company even does? Money and time lost are the real results.

Let’s make a commitment to stop that. We only teach you things that actually work, that have been proven to work, and have a logical way to implement. That bring us to the topic of spokes, and why you need to have them!


Imagine you’re riding a bicycle through the park. Your bike isn’t really anything special, but it works. On this particular bike, the front wheel has one or maybe two spokes. For this reason you can’t go very fast, but you get by.

You’re riding along and noticing the scenery when you hit a small rock in your path. What happens? The front wheel gets mangled and you wipe out. Why did that happen? A bicycle that has wheels with only one or two spokes doesn’t make a very good bicycle.

So after your wipe out you go back to the shop and invest in better wheels that have tons of spokes. When you talk to the bike guy, he recommends that since you’re investing in more spokes, you should consider buying titanium ones because they’re the best and you can count on them. You’ll go faster, be safer, and travel farther.

Now you’re on your upgraded bike with all the strong spokes. You go to the park and this time you can actually go on the more scenic, more challenging trails without worry. You run over countless small stones, bigger rocks, and even sail right over fallen twigs with no problem at all. Why? It turns out having multiple strong spokes really does get you further, safer, and faster. It took some time and investment, but now you can go wherever you want.

How does this relate to your real estate practice?

Spokes are like the pipelines of business. Rocks in the road are things like the real estate recession, any type of change in your market, higher interest rates, an unexpected illness, relocation of your family, or any other small or large ‘hiccup’ that you have to deal with.

Ordinary agents rely on one or two pipelines (spokes) for their business, maybe three tops. Those spokes are almost always repeat or referral business. We call that ‘luck’ in real estate – it’s not predictable. You can’t tell me the day you’ll get your next referral or when your next past client will call you and need to buy or sell. That’s not a business, that’s a hobby.

In the Premier Coaching Program, you will systematically build your spokes in your own Lead Generation Wheel. Your goal is to have a minimum of eight spokes in your wheel. All of these spokes are implemented at the highest level possible, systematized, scheduled, monetized, and polished. Once you have those, you will continue to make them better and more profitable. You may consider adding as many spokes as you need to have sustainable and predictable cash flow. That will be the end to your ‘cash spurts’ and your 3am Real Estate Night Sweats.

We’ll leave you with that thought for now so you can get comfortable with it. Posted on this site you will find a list of lead generation spokes that we will be teaching throughout this coaching program. On each level past level 2, you’ll get new lead generation systems, scripts, and coaching. Don’t try to implement a new one until you’ve mastered the previous one. Remember that you’re building a wheel here. Don’t be a one-spoke- wonder. Those agents don’t have consistent income. Are we clear about this?

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