Leaders, we’re talking to YOU! Maybe you think the title of Broker or Manager only means taking care of the day to day duties of running an office or perhaps the role of a mentor. The truth is that every GREAT broker or manager has the responsibility of being a LEADER! Are you a great leader?  Do you have these 7 super successful qualities?  Are prospective agents being drawn to your office or are you losing them to the competition?

Make sure that you’re on the cutting edge of leadership, management and on top of motivating your people.  Listen to these 7 qualities and  make the commitment to always maintain them  If not, prioritize what you have to do to get those traits!  If you’re an agent and your broker doesn’t have these qualities, maybe its time to find new one?  Whether you’re the team leader, under a leader or your own leader, there’s something for everyone on part 2 of our series today.

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