There’s no faster way to be labeled a ‘red-headed step child’ than when you become a part time agent in real estate. Traditionally seen as ‘dabblers’ and clueless know-nothings, they’ve been vilified for taking a piece of the market from their full time counterparts.  But, what if going part time is the only way for you to break into the market?  What if you have goals that real estate can provide the reward for and you only need to do 15 deals a year? Is there still a place for you in the market as a Part time Superstar?   The answer is YES! Today we conclude our series by telling you what you need to do and where your focus needs to be in order to have the FULL time success you want after normal business hours!

Our 6 remaining points get into the details of time management and how to maximize the limited number of hours you’re putting into your business.  From schedules to obtaining outside help, coaching and family support, our plan will give you confidence that you can build a business without breaking the bank!

So, don’t listen to the naysayers or the uninformed brokers that want you to drop your day job and insurance and jump in with both feet.  They’re both detrimental to your success. Listen to our step by step method for launching your part time real estate business with a plan that will help you sleep well at night and sell like a full time superstar!

If you missed the first part of our series and have questions like, “What is it going to take for me to achieve the income I want from real estate?  How can I protect myself and my family from going hungry while I pursue this new path? Should I just drop everything and jump right in?” then listen to Part 1 and get ready to put the naysayers in their place!

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