Good Morning Tim & Julie,

I was listening to the Stages of Mastery and listening to the airplane analogy, again, and had an epiphany.

It’s not just about effort, but it’s also about resistance. We cruise at 40,000 feet because it takes less fuel and we can go faster than what’s possible at lower altitudes. There’s just less resistance there. At the end of the runway, stationary, an airplane faces it’s maximum forces of resistance. The weight of the plane on the tires, the wind blowing down the runway at our face, the dense air pushing back against our wings. If we don’t push past the resistance, we will never know how great it is to get beyond it.

As new or returning agents, at the outset we too face our maximum resistance. It takes incredible effort to make those first calls, or to knock those first doors. Sitting on the ground in an airplane of any size, climbing to altitude might seem daunting. But we’ve checked the weather, our tanks are full, and we know where we’re going.

This is a great life, and it’s only going to get better. Thanks for filling our tanks, and helping with the rudder pedals. (any student pilot needs a little help keeping things pointed in the right direction)

Tomorrow is day one. Throttles forward. Let’s climb.

— Dennis

(Wonderful letter, Dennis! Yes, the airplane analogy is perfect, and it’s great that you’re internalizing that for your own business – we read this on today’s show because it fits so well with our theme of taking action in the new year. Whatever we can do to help – we’re here for you. – Tim & Julie)

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