Tim and Julie Harris conclude their series about thinking bigger.  How would you think differently if you knew you could live 20 or 30 years longer than you currently believe?  Listen to find out what in the world that means!?

Eliminate your excuses.  Too fat, thin, old, young, healthy, unhealthy, smart, dumb, etc.  95% of Warren Buffett’s wealth was earned after he turned 60.  Most people’s peak earning years are in their 40’s and 50’s.  Millionaires in the US are first generation, self-made.

67.7% were self-made, while 23.7% had a combination of inherited and self-created wealth. Only 8.5% of global high-net-worth individuals were categorized as having completely inherited their wealth.

The older you get, the harder it is to ignite yourself.  Start now. Be able to say, ‘thank you past -your name-, for having it together so I can have my best life now!’

When you’re younger, expect to work harder.  You’re supposed to work harder when you’re young.  Do what the more successful ones have already done…that’s why they’re successful.  This is why it’s called ‘work’ versus ‘vacation’.  You have your health, ambition, ability and strength.  These are not guaranteed as you get older.

Have Hustle.  You have to make more contacts than someone who has learned to be more efficient.  More open houses, more events, more showings, more appointments.  

For example, the newer agent has to have more conversations because they’re not always asking questions, ‘drilling down’, or closing.

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