Hi Tim and Julie!

My husband and I have been entrepreneurs all of our working lives including our business and investing in real estate. I found your podcast over a year ago and like the straight forward approach!

Our children are all independent young adults and I’m deciding on where I can take my knowledge and experience to serve others in the next season of life. I really enjoy everything about investing so I’m currently drilling down on all the information.

It’s great to actually have the time to really dig in! Also, enjoy how you both relate business and health/fitness as health and weight training/ fitness is a huge part of our life! Love the Do what you don’t want to do, when you don’t want to do it, At the highest level!



Editors Reply: Thanks Diana! It’s wonderful to hear that we’re making a positive impact in your business & personal lives, and yes – staying physically fit is tremendously important to your long-term health & career success! We love audience feedback on our programs, you can send that to us anytime through our website contact form!

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