Janice Stevens recently wrote to T&J to share the impact they’ve had on her new career.

“After starting my real estate career in June 2017, I quickly realized that the learning curve was much greater than I ever anticipated…I knew that if I was going to get a grasp of this business quickly, I needed help.”

Stevens stumbled upon the Harris Coaching podcasts and soon determined that Tim and Julie’s “practical, tactical” approach was what she both wanted and needed.

Stevens wrote, “In a very short time, I’ve gained the skills, confidence and resources to move towards a successful career with unlimited earning potential. I feel confident I can approach any real estate situation and that I’ll be able to handle it knowing I have your help and support.”

Stevens finds the podcasts educational and motivating and Julie’s daily calls personalized and informative. These coaching services “… have helped me beyond my expectations.”

Stevens continues. “I don’t think I would have ever imagined my career as I now do if it weren’t for your coaching services. I approach situations that normally only a grizzled veteran, to use your phrase, would tackle and I do it without hesitation.”

This relatively new real estate agent has already been able to take a month off to travel due to her relatively new real estate career. And, “thanks to your coaching program,” Stevens is better able than ever before to define her own level of success.

Janice Stevens looks forward to this new year of coaching calls and podcast and “…to hearing both of your high energy, positive and supportive voices. Thank you, Tim and Julie.”

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