One of our favorite topics to talk about with our loyal listeners is mindset.  But, not how you’re normally used to hearing about it.  For us, mindset isn’t about sitting around in yoga pants all day visualizing or manifesting, but in taking real action to make the goals and dreams we wrote down, a reality.  For so many agents, the thought about what it will take to make all those goals come to pass is really painful.  Why is that?  After two decades of coaching, we’ve found that the gap between where you are now and where you need to go in order to have the lifestyle you’ve imagined is not as big and cumbersome as you think.

Today we continue to dig deep about mindset and how the type of mindset you have – one of scarcity or abundance – determines whether or not you’ll reach your goals.  Many people carry a scarcity mindset and don’t even realize it.  They fall back on excuses like education, upbringing, background, physical attributes, where they live etc. as reasons why someone else achieves and they don’t.

But the mindset you really want to have to succeed is one of abundance. What does that look like?

When you have a mindset of abundance, you know in every area of life that there’s enough for everybody; enough money, enough opportunity, enough love, enough friendship and more. People who have an abundance mindset have an outlook that is more positive, both inwardly and outwardly.

Jus like yesterdays list of scarcity statements, here’s a few statements that if you can answer YES to, you might just have the makings of an abundance mindset:

  1. You have and believe in your goals. You’ve spent considerable time thinking about what it is you want this business to provide for you and your family. You are in relentless pursuit of these goals.
  2. You have a media free morning and a media free life as much as possible. You know that your reality is what you create versus reacting to what you hear on the news or what someone says to you.
  3. You are coachable.. You’re non-resistive to criticism, direction and education. You don’t act like you already know everything, even though you do have killer knowledge and experience in many cases.

For the rest of these and much more on the mindset you need to make the lifestyle leap, listen to the rest of todays podcast.

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