Hi Tim and Julie,

I have been a licensed agent for just about 9 years now and have had a decent amount of success through the years. I started in 2009 which I now see was a pretty terrible market, but I made it work. I have been pretty inconsistent, lacking systems for just about everything, including a buyer presentation and packet, no structured listing presentation or PLP for that matter and honestly have been pretty much winging it every appointment, every time.

I found your podcast while trying to get some motivation this past year, listened every day and would really look forward to the show. I then went and ordered your book, Harris rules, loved it and decided to sign up for coaching.

The daily calls are quite beneficial, the best part of the program are the recorded lessons and systems that are truly plug and play!

Thank you for this no nonsense approach and the simple easy to implement systems

Jeremy Ols
Cleveland Ohio

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