Think of all the cool companies that have graced the real estate space; the tech platforms, the products, and the services that help you add a competitive edge to your system or make you look like a rockstar to your clients. They all began somewhere and someone had to fund them and help bring them into the world.  That’s what todays guest, Constance Freedman does.

The Founder and Managing partner of Moderne Ventures and Moderne Passport, Constance has invested in over 50 technology companies. Today she talks to Tim about the latest companies from her Spring 2017 Moderne Passport class. Notably more service oriented this time around, opportunities abound for agents to use these to help further the sales cycle. In fact, that’s what Constance looks for when choosing future companies — Do they make communication, relationships or the transactional nature more efficient for the lifetime of the transaction vs. during just the immediate sales period?

So, who are some of Constance’s shining stars among her Spring 2017 class? If your client has a fur-baby (or even a fish) you might want to direct them to baroo, a premium pet concierge that is now being offered in some apartment and multi-family communities across major metros. If you manage buildings, make yours a baroo community to attract and retain tenants who will fall in love with baroo’s services.

Maybe your clients have a human baby and need a sitter, or can’t find time to pick up the dry cleaning? Call on Hello Alfred and every tedious home task that you can’t find time for can be serviced by this butler company with the fee passed onto the tenants or however the building manager sets it up. Again, with the trends towards longer term tenancy, the competition is fierce to attract and retain leases.

Here’s one that both agents and their clients could use…HelloTech! Constance calls it an “Uber meets Geek Squad” service that helps those who are desperate to make their home technology work, but downright despondent when faced with the possibility of having to try to hook it up themselves! What’s great about this is that agents can (and are starting to) give this service as a closing gift!

Listen to the entire podcast to get the full scoop and hear what Constance looks for in companies she might want to help take the top! Think you have the next great idea? Take it from an expert who knows what you’ll need to bring it to market.

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