Denzel Washington Shares Top 10 Success Tips

As a real estate agent, you’d probably think that there is little you could learn from a Hollywood actor and two-time Oscar winner that could help you in your professional and personal life. You’d be wrong.

Denzel Washington has received two Golden Globe awards, a Tony award and two Academy Awards. His films include “Glory,” “Training Day” and “Malcolm X.” He also offers 10 rules for success that can be applied to life and make us better individuals and better real estate professionals.

Evan Carmichael profiles Washington’s tips in a YouTube presentation.

Washington’s tips are dreams need goals; aspire to make a difference; pay no attention to the opinions of others; stick to your guns; bring your dreams to life; share your gifts; work hard; fall forward; take what is useful and tell great stories.

First and foremost, Washington notes that dreams are necessary in life or no one would ever go anywhere. However, a dream without a goal, and without action, has no opportunity to come true.

“Dreams without goals are just dreams,” he said. “They ultimately fuel disappointment.”

Throughout his career, Washington says he has shied away from reading reviews.

“I can’t concern myself too much with what people think of me,” he said.

Washington also points out that he has learned to say no. He has passed over a number of films because he didn’t care for the content, even though he needed the money.

“Stick to your guns,” he said. “If you don’t feel you should do it, don’t do it.”

Washington also points out that faith and luck will only take you so far. To achieve the kind of success you may strive for as a real estate agent will take hard work. There are no shortcuts, you can’t cheat life, just get to work and don’t stop until you reach your highest potential.

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