Not many agents go to the office everyday and say to themselves, “Gee, I can’t wait for a good dose of conflict!”  In fact, most agents run and hide at the very first sign of this villain.  Even if you’re not physically running for the door, there are specific ways to know if that rumbling in your stomach is conflict avoidance or the bad breakfast burrito you ate. The signs of conflict avoidance aren’t always obvious.  When faced with the fear of a challenging client situation, your ego will do some pretty sneaky things to protect itself!

Today we conclude our radio show with the strategies for dealing with the conflict at hand. You might be thinking, “Yeah, I want to know how, but I’m afraid!” The solution, as Susan Jeffers recommends in her book is “Feel the fear and it Do it Anyway!” While that’s probably not what you wanted to hear, its true. You have to practice conflict resolution regularly so that as you conquer each new experience, your confidence in resolving conflict will rise.  Each time that happens, you become less and less afraid and more ready to take charge of the situation and be the hero you client needs!

Listen to our 10 strategies and quickly identify the areas you’re weak in.  Do you forget to breathe?  Do you take to social media to rant about every problem?  Are you slow to see others points of view? Are you quick to fire off an email response that only further divides that parties?

Remember!  You’re job is to keep the deal together and keep the buyer and seller moving forward.  Don’t get stuck in the mud of co-broke drama or allow the clients to throw it at each other.  Conflict resolution is a learned skill and one that can make you stand out amongst your competition!

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