In the aftermath of a nail-biting game, where Watson and his Clemson Tiger teammates, defeated the #1 Alabama to become the National College Football Champions, the unfolding of Watson’s inspiring journey continues.  In a story first featured earlier this week in College Football AP, Watson and his family share how a move from a cramped apartment to their very own home made an impact on him and helped set this family on a path to Watson’s future as the star quarterback of the Clemson Tigers and now the NFL draft.

Deshaun Watson will always remember the day he walked into a home he could call his own.  Former NFL star Warrick Dunn was standing at the door, waiting to hand Watson’s family the key to a whole new life. “I felt grown having my own room,” Watson recalled Saturday. “Just having my own bed, not really being squished, not really worrying about someone sneaking up on me, it was a great moment, a special moment.”

So, how does an 11 year old kid from the rough side of town meet a NFL star and get a new home on the same day?  When that kid comes home with a flier from Habitat for Humanity and his mom decides to jump on it.  Watson’s mother volunteered for 300 service hours of building houses before the big move in day came.  If you’re still wondering how Warrick Dunn happened to be there, its the icing on the cake of this story!

When that day finally arrived — Nov. 21, 2006 — Dunn was there with a special surprise. Through his charitable foundation, the ex-running back had fully furnished the four-bedroom, two-bath home, right down to stocking the refrigerator. “We just try to help put people in safer environments and give kids an opportunity,” Dunn said. “You never know what impact you will have. You hope it’s a positive impact.”

While many could say that Deshaun had enough talent to thrive regardless of where he lived, its hard to argue that the security of having their own home in safe neighborhood set him up for the best possible success.  And the best part?  Watson still gives his time to Habitat for Humanity during the summers and continues to show us both on and off the field, his commitment to serving others.  



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