Look around you.  You may call it “creativity” but others call it a colossal mess.  Do you find yourself constantly flipping through piles of paper, rummaging through drawers, rearranging the mess in the backseat of your car?  If so, your clutter may be standing in the way of having your best life and business. That’s right!  When endless piles of papers, files, sticky notes and food wrappers make up your workspace, its cutting down on your productivity and stealing precious time that could be used for family, friends and service to others.  Today we’re talking to one of the leading voices in the modern day simplicity movement, Joshua Becker.

Joshua is the founder and editor of Becoming Minimalist, a website dedicated to intentional living that was named by SUCCESS Magazine as one of the top ten personal development websites in 2015.  Since being introduced to minimalism 8 years ago, he has written multiple books and appeared on several national media outlets to share the benefits he and others have experienced by embracing minimalism.

You may have heard the term ‘Minimalism’ and had visions of bare walls and a one chair living room.  What is it really?  It’s the removal of physical distractions to realize your greatest priorities.  It’s not about ‘giving up everything’ or even about ‘organizing.’  As Joshua shares, minimalism is a lifestyle and and it can open the door to greater joy, purpose and results in every aspect of life.

Joshua talks about the two main reasons we’re so wrapped up in lives of accumulation and how we can begin taking the most simple steps to clearing away the clutter and enjoying the peace that comes with it.  Whether you’re buried under your workspace or your wardrobe, we Joshua has meaningful words and practical advice for how to start on your own journey of experiencing more by having less.

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