Email is the hands down winner in the sphere of online marketing channels.  Not Face Book.  Not Twitter.  Email…old-fashioned email…is the foundational online marketing tool.  

Here are the numbers that tell email marketing like it is…

  1.  Email has 3 times as many user accounts as Face Book and Twitter combined.
  2.  Every web search on every search engine every day = 1/100th of daily email traffic
  1.  All pages viewed on the entire web = 1/4th of the bandwidth consumed by email
  2.  Face Book and Twitter make up 0.2% of the number of emails sent daily.
  3.  Email has the best ROI according to Marketing Sherpa, an online research marketing company.  B2C markets report an average of 256% from email channels or $2.56 for every $1.00 invested.

Email is personal. It’s selective. It’s sent to one person or a small group of people about something that’s relevant and specific to that person or small group.  It is not for everyone you know.  It is not generic.

Email allows and enables ongoing, repeated contact with the recipient.  This is essential in the real estate business where you’re encouraging and promoting interaction with your recipients.  When written in an engaging, informative way, email encourages the recipient to become a client…your client.

Most people choose to open an average of 16 emails a day.  Usually, the emails they open are from what we’ll call their “trusted advisors.”  Become one of your recipient’s/your client’s trusted advisors.

The key to successful email marketing…quality, specific, informative, accurate writing.  Not only will your emails educate and engage your recipients/clients, they will train them of your value as a real estate professional. They’ll even look forward to receiving your emails. 

Do your real estate business with email marketing.  Be in touch with friends via Face Book or Twitter or the next “big thing” in social media that comes along.

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