As the spring market heats up early in the posh suburbs of D.C. on the heels of this weeks Inauguration, there’s still real estate to be had right between the two most talked about families in town: the Trumps and the Obamas.  How can you get into the inner circle of this D.C. neighborhood?  Bloomberg’s James Tarmy gives us the scoop

“Anyone interested in living between the two first families will have to shell out $5.75 million.”

(Gulp) Still interested?  What does this piece of real estate offer?

“This home has six bedrooms, five full baths, and two partial baths over three floors (not including the basement).  There’s a glassy conservatory, ornate molding throughout the house, and in the master bedroom suite, his-and-hers baths. The property is a relatively small .17 acre lot.”

Just how close will you be to your new besties Melania and Michelle?  

“The property is less than a block from the Obamas’ house—about a three-minute walk, according to Google maps—and just over a four-minute walk from the Trump/Kushner residence. Various residents are already speculating that the Trump/Kushner/Obama presence (and the families’ attendant security details) will raise the neighborhood’s values, though New Yorkers might politely point out that securing the Trump family does not come cheap.”

If those ladies aren’t your cup of tea, how about a few ambassadors?  After all, its good to expand your horizons!

“The neighborhood, which is one of Washington’s wealthier enclaves, is already home to numerous ambassadors’ residences, including those of France, Monaco, the Netherlands, and Greece. The Turkish Embassy is around the corner from the Trump/ Kushner house, as is the Islamic Center of Washington, whose building Rankin calls “beautiful.”

One thing is for sure!  This group of movers and shakers should make for some interesting talk around the swimming pools this summer!

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