Key Highlights

  • 77% of couples argue over home purchases
  • 71% of couples argue over selling a home

Real estate agents and brokers, hone your mediating skills when working with couples who are either buying or selling a home. Why? Couples argue about home buying and home selling decisions.

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According to Amanda Pendleton, a lifestyle expert with Zillow, “We know buying and selling a home can be taxing, but we now know those stressors can cause friction in a relationship. Couples may want to take that (friction) into account when deciding how to sell and consider an alternative that removes many painful parts of the real estate transaction.”

Zillow commissioned the Harris Poll to survey how much and about what couples argue when they buy and sell homes. Here are the results of this recent survey:

Couples who are buyers

  • 54% argue over the size and/or style of the house
  • 47%% disagree about “must-have” features and/or deal breakers
  • 42% disagree about the location or neighborhood
  • 37% disagree over their home buying budget
  • 29% disagree about buying a fixer-upper
  • 25% disagree about mortgage options, choosing the “right” lender and mortgage products

Couples who are sellers

  • 85% of Millennial sellers ages 25-39 disagree about selling their home
  • 54% of Boomer sellers ages 55+ disagree about selling their home
  • 69% of all sellers argue over at least 1 in 3 of the following…
    • List price
    • Whether or not to reduce the price
    • Whether or not to accept an offer

Both buying and selling couples argue over the hassles listed below that occur in a traditional sale…

  • 24% argue over whether or not to make repairs
  • 24% argue about having strangers walking through their home during an open house
  • 23% disagree about having to keep the house clean for showings
  • 21% argue about the uncertainties involved in whether or not the house would sell

And lastly, according to past research not included in this Zillow commissioned poll, more than one third of sellers cry during the selling process.

Thanks to Zillow and the Harris Poll for source data.

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