Like two peas in a pod.  Like peanut butter & jelly.  That’s what you envision your real estate partnership to be like, but the reality can sometimes be very different.  Whether you’re married to your real estate partner or not, a successful and profitable partnership takes time and planning.  It also takes some critical decisions on workload and goal setting to make sure both agents are on the same page.  If you’ve gotten yourself into a partnership that showing signs of failing fast or you’re considering taking a partner on, you won’t want to miss this listener requested show!

After all, we’ve been telling you that one size doesn’t fit all and the same thing goes for partnerships. What works for one team won’t necessarily work well for another team. Acknowledging and respecting what each partners strengths and weaknesses are and what they bring to the table is key to getting off to a great start.

The other thing to consider is, Why are you thinking of a partnership to begin with?  What’s your motivating thought in entering into one?  Was your goal to have more time to put towards other interests?

There are many other questions to consider and possibilities depending on the outcome you’re looking for.  We’ll tell you about two potential models that you’ll want to consider (or not) and why! You may be surprised to hear that the partnership model that you think is going to be best isn’t the one we recommend!

We’ll talk about the advantages and stumbling blocks of the partnership model and give you some secrets on how the best partnerships run smoothly.  Before you quit the business or worse, quit each other, grab your partner or partner-to-be and take a lesson from us on how to keep the peace and sell happily ever after!

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