Many agents never become the great listing agents they could be!  Instead, they get bogged down with buyers, thinking that the never ending showings are the only way to never ending income.  Wrong!  Use our 7 Step Listing Process and you will learn how to ‘list to last’ in this business and get back a lot of your time too.  In this series we’ll talk about the mindsets of a listing agent, The Listing Agent’s 7 P’s and the actual steps to perfecting the listing process so that you’ll walk away with a signed contract nearly every time!  If you’re tired of the feast or famine experience, you don’t want to miss the second part of our series!

As we discussed yesterday, being a rockstar listing agent gives you leverage!  Leverage is the key to developing a business thats sustainable.  So many agents will fall into the trap of buying buyer leads when the truth is that buyer leads are everywhere – once you have a great supply of listings!  With a consistent inventory of listings, you’ll never have to worry about finding new buyers ever again.  Think about this!  For every listing, most markets will see two great buyers come off the sign call or the marketing.  Multiply that for every additional listing and all of a sudden you’ve got momentum!

Imagine spending your weekends with friend again, or hanging at the ball field or ballet with your kids, or even going on vacation – for a month!  We’ve had coaching clients do that before.  Listings are the leverage to this business.

On todays podcast we address the next 3 steps to of our powerful listing process:

Step 2: Follow up with urgency

Step 3: Pre-qualify for motivation and time frame

Step 4: Send the Pre-Listing Package

Listen to the entire show to hear the tried and true scripts, mindsets and applications of these points, including real-life examples of agents in the program who are implementing these steps and seeing amazing results!





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