Many agents never become the great listing agents they could be!  Instead, they get bogged down with buyers, thinking that the never ending showings are the only way to never ending income.  Wrong!  Use our 7 Step Listing Process and you will learn how to ‘list to last’ in this business and get back a lot of your time too.  In this series we’ll talk about the mindsets of a listing agent, The Listing Agent’s 7 P’s and the actual steps to perfecting the listing process so that you’ll walk away with a signed contract nearly every time!  If you’re tired of the feast or famine experience, you don’t want to miss this show!

Today, we conclude this series with the final three steps to being a powerful listing agent each and every time out you go out on the appointment!

We can’t say it enough:  You control your destiny by controlling your inventory! The better listing agent you become, the most listings you take and the less time you have to spend schlepping around buyers who are never “have to’s.”  Sellers, on the other hand, can absolutely be a “have to sell” seller.  That’s money in the bank!

Think about how many have-to-prospects are out there in your market: the for sale by owners, the expireds, the relocations, the financially strapped, the separating or expanding families.  Why don’t you pursue these?  Could it be because you sense that the sellers can ‘sniff’ you out?  That they know that you don’t really have a rock solid system for showing them that you can sell their house?

Our 7 step plan to becoming a powerful listing agent contains everything you need to lead a prospect to the natural close of listing with you, removing all their objections and creating excitement about being the right agent for them.

So join us on this final part of the podcast as we wrap up the final steps and drill down on what you need to know about implementing them.


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