Buyers aren’t liars.  Agents are.

If you’re still believing this outdated and outright lie – one that you probably heard from a veteran agent or maybe even your broker – its time to confess that if you’ve been struggling to make money from buyers, that its because you believed them.

Agents believe that buyers are liars because they haven’t learned how to work with them. They commit all the cardinal sins of working with buyers and then wonder why they got left in the dust!  It’s time to face up to the fact that money can be made with buyers, but its your responsibility to learn the skills and scripts.

Let’s clear out the cobwebs of your old mindset about buyers and start asking some new questions, such as:

Where do these thoughts come from?

Do I have proven scripts, presentations, and objection handlers like I do for sellers?

If you’re like most agents, you don’t have a plan for buyers.  You’re likely more familiar with what we call the ‘Pop Tart’ method.  This is when the phone rings, a buyer asks to see a home and you jump out of your seat and drive over to show them the listing.  When they leave the showing with no offer written and no loyalty to you, frustration sets in and then the blame game begins…”Buyers are liars,” “They have no idea what they want,” “Buyers aren’t loyal” etc.

The truth is that you didn’t pre-qualify them, do a proper consultation, check their finances or show them the value of hiring you.  You simply opened a door and expected them to know what to do next.

We have 7 secrets for working with todays buyers and they will cover every aspect of what you need to know to attract them, ask them the right questions and ensure that you have a bonafide buyer in your car instead of a Lookie-Lou.

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