It seems simple, right? Go out and take a listing!  But, many agents find that without a system it doesn’t come as easy as they thought.  At first, they may have some beginners luck with their best friend or grandmothers listing, but when real sales skills are required, what’s the protocol for listing success?  We have 7 definitive steps that you’ll want to learn to get you in the flow of becoming a listing agent, because you have to LIST to LAST!

Let’s pick up where we left off yesterday…

The next step is to send your pre-listing package.  If you’re wondering what that is, that’s probably an indication that this is a major facet you’ve been missing in your process.  You must have a powerful, proven listing package to deliver to the seller every single time. Don’t confuse this with the shoddy folder with the half dozen marketing pieces your brokerage has put out for you to use.  We promise, its not the same thing! We have pre-listing package that our coaching members have access to and are using to dominate their market – many of them taking the listing without having a single objection!

After you deliver your pre-listing package, its time to confirm.  This can be scary as many agents are afraid the prospect will bail on them at this point, but if you don’t do it, the surprises you’ll get are even worse!  This is where you’ll also want to confirm they got your pre-listing package and that they read it.

Now, its showtime! Remember, ‘presenting’ really begins the moment of your first interaction, so don’t wing it (use your presentation) and stay focused on what matters to them.

The big finale?  The close.  To hear all the in’s and out’s these last steps in the 7 step listing process, listen to todays full podcast episode.

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