The For-Sale-By-Owner.  They’ve long been rumored to ‘eat their young’ and are said to be a real estate agents greatest foe.  They multiply daily in neighborhoods across the country, unchecked by many a Realtor due to their fabled aggressive nature over the phone and their supposed refusal to pay a commission – ever.

With a reputation like this, thousands of agents turn and run for the safety of doing transactions with only people they know who love them.  The problem with this is that after awhile, that list of prospects runs out.  While a real move and shaker with their COI can work their way up to doing 50% of their business with people they know, they don’t all have to move every year, and in the meantime, agents miss out on a remarkable number of ‘have-to’ sellers that are lurking in the FSBO forest!

How do get over your fear of FSBO’s (aka unrepresented sellers) and be one of the brave agents in your market that turns foe into friend?  With a little practice and the right follow-up and approach, you can turn these unrepresented sellers into one of your best lead generating spokes.  A little known fact about the FSBO?  While elusive and un-cooperative at first, a FSBO that has been tamed will be loyal for life!  Think how many future referrals and transactions you can get by forging ahead and facing your FSBO fear?

Here are a few things to remember as you venture out on a FSBO safari:

You don’t have to have perfect technique to hunt for FSBO’s every day!  The only way to improve is with daily, real-life experience.  

Remember – the Seller’s don’t have your script!  Concentrate on finding out their motivation, timeframe, building rapport, and close by asking great questions and listening to the answers.

Remember – YOU are the best agent for the job!  You get sellers the most money, in the least amount of time, with the fewest hassles.

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