If you ask a group of agents to define what it means to have ‘success’ in real estate there would likely be a lot of answers.  Some may say doing 100 deals or more.  Others would say having a huge team.  A few might even say having their own real estate radio guest spot or having a strong following on social media that is serving up their deals.  These can all offer a level of temporary success, for sure.  But, what about long-term, ever-increasing success?  The kind that takes you beginner to the big time in your market?

The truth is that no one in the industry has told you the truth about what it really takes to be successful.  And, why is that? Because its hard and unglamorous and wildly unpopular. Maybe even now you’re thinking you’d rather not hear it either, because when you do finally hear it, you’ll have to admit that it hasn’t been your go-to-method in real estate and potentially not in anything else in life either.  Once you hear it though, you’ll know its the small nugget of truth that you’ve needed to hear to clear the cob-webs.  As much as its going to hurt, life is going to become easier for you, at the same time it’s going to get harder.  Ready for it?

The secret to long-term, ever-increasing success is “Do what you don’t want to do, when you don’t want to do it, at the highest level.”  What?  That’s the big secret to success?! Yes, it is!  Think about it.  Every goal achieved in any area of life; better health, paying off debt, sales goals and more require you to do activities that you don’t want to do when you don’t want to do them.  You want ice cream, but to lose weight you choose the fruit and exercise.  You want to fill your Amazon cart with fun things, but you save that extra cash and put it towards debt.  You’d rather send out a bunch of emails rather than potentially hear ‘No’ over the phone, but you buckle down and hit the phones because talking to a client personally always yields a better result.

The question is, how to do this.  Today we’re going to talk about all the ways we know you’ll try to resist this mindset while giving you practical ideas for how to adopt this life changing mantra!

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