Renovation Reality: Problem Pipes, Pierings and Pouring Rain!

Episode 4 sees a few problems and delays

In Episode 4 of our exclusive web-based series, Renovation Reality, with top agent Collette McDonald, we seem to have run into a few problems!  As with any renovation, these things can (and often do) arise.  Thankfully, for real estate expert Collette and her team, its nothing they haven’t seen before.

Considering we’re only four weeks into this project, aren’t we glad we have both a contractor and an architect on site for this project to make sure every professional precaution is taken in dealing with these situations?  Today, Collette takes us back into the Brookhaven, Georgia home to get the skinny on the situation…

It appears that after removing all the sheetrock and exposing the walls, that a massive cast iron pipe that originates in the upstairs master bathroom makes its way down and cuts right into the plan for unobstructed views off the back of the home into the yard and pool area.  Moving a pipe sounds kinda scary, but the good news is that it can be done.  It will take working with the county code officials to make sure the load from that pipe is properly displaced.  And it turns out that the trusty architect on site, Kristen Ware, has more possible solutions if their first one gets shot down.  Phew!  That was a close one!

But, that wasn’t the only problem at the home this week.  Contractor John Saint Martin found a situation in the crawlspace.  Noticing that the floors were somewhat uneven in certain parts of the home, John then investigated further and found that at one time, water had been present in the crawlspace.  While the water was remedied, the effects of it on the piers and footings lead John to the conclusion that they need to be replaced.

Finally, the one thing that no one on a renovation site has control of is the weather! Substantial rains have put on hold the pouring of the footings that John wants to replace. The only remedy for that is time and at this point, this renovation is already a week behind original schedule.  Watch this week’s video closely for all the solutions to this weeks problems so you can keep an eye out for these on your own project!


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