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Renovation Reality: C is for Cabinets, Countertops and Craziness!

We’re back with Episode 13 of Renovation Reality, hosted by Atlanta real estate expert, Collette McDonald. During last week’s edition, she offered some tips...

Renovation Reality: Going Electric…Which Light Will You Let Shine?

Welcome back. This week is Episode 11 of Renovation Reality, hosted by Atlanta real estate expert Collette McDonald.  Last week, windows were added and...

Renovation Reality: Time To Do Some Heavy Lifting!

We're back with Episode 9 of Renovation Reality, hosted by Atlanta real estate expert, Collette McDonald.  Last week, when we left our Brookhaven renovation,...

Renovation Reality: Framing, Floor Plans & Fabricators, Oh My!

After last week's progress, its easy to think that we were past those pesky problems and on our way to renovation glory!  In Episode...

Renovation Reality: Problem Pipes, Pierings and Pouring Rain!

In Episode 4 of our exclusive web-based series, Renovation Reality, with top agent Collette McDonald, we seem to have run into a few problems!...

Renovation Reality: Don’t Skip the Details (They can cost you!)

In Episode 3 of this exclusive web-series, Renovation Reality, with real estate expert Collette McDonald, she covers the little details that can cost you...

Renovation Reality: What You Need to Know About Your First Steps!

Harris Superstar and Atlanta's real estate expert, Collette McDonald, is back with Episode 2 of her new web series, Renovation Reality.  Over the next...

Harris Superstar Collette McDonald Launches Renovation Reality Series

You may recognize her face and her voice.  Collette McDonald has been a veteran Superstar of Tim & Julie Harris Real Estate Coaching, sharing...

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