Renovation Reality: Time To Do Some Heavy Lifting!

We’re back with Episode 9 of Renovation Reality, hosted by Atlanta real estate expert, Collette McDonald.  Last week, when we left our Brookhaven renovation, weather and some mistakes along the way had prevented the steel beam from installation.  The steel beam is the key to this entire renovation concept, allowing for a wide open floor plan from the moment the front door opens.

This week, Collette and her contractor, John St. Martin, show off the thousand plus-pound beams as his crews takes front and center to lift these bad boys and put them into place! Needless to say, everyone on set is excited as visually, the renovation will really be taking shape after they are in.

So how many guys does it take to lift a 1,860 pound beam?  While there may be lot of muscleman power on hand today, thankfully they’ve got a lot of help via 3 800-pound lifts! You’ll be amazed when you see how this floor plan opens up.  Thus far we’ve had to use a lot of our imagination, but not anymore.

It seems like we’re finally on a roll after a few setbacks. What have we learned after 9 weeks?  First, that you can always expect the unexpected!  It’s also good to remember to stay close to your contractor and check the plans at every turn to make sure they line up with what was actually drawn.  We also learned that you can’t boss around Mother Nature, so you better just buck up and wait for the weather to clear!  Finally, it seems we’ve also learned about having patience.  Where we thought we’d be at Weeks 4, 6, and 8 were not necessarily where we wanted to be, but it’s a marathon – not a sprint!

It’s the ‘money’ shot you’ve all been waiting for!  Watch the video through to the very end to see the transformation and our first glimpse of the sweeping view potential made possible by these steel beams!

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