Look around you! Is all your “stuff” getting in the way?  Why do you own this or that?  Did you buy it because you needed it, or because you were expecting a certain emotional response to come by having it?  Our guest today will challenge you to believe that you actually have more by owning less. In a society where marketers are screaming “MORE” at us from ever direction, how do we push back and uncover the life that’s waiting for us be clearing out the clutter and owning less?

Today we’re talking to one of the leading voices in the modern day simplicity movement, Joshua Becker.  Joshua shares his story about how he first encountered minimalism and the things its taught him along the way. He’ll share how minimizing your spaces will open the door to freedom, productivity and success.

Joshua is the founder and editor of Becoming Minimalist, a website dedicated to intentional living, named by SUCCESS Magazine as one of the top ten personal development websites in 2015.  Since being introduced to minimalism 8 years ago, Joshua has written multiple books and appeared on several national media outlets to share the benefits he and others have experienced by embracing minimalism.

If your only exposure to minimalism is through more extreme teachings and methods (think bare walls and a room with one chair) we have a beginning approach that will start you on the path to separating the stuff from the sentiments and show you how even simple pairing down of your home and office space will clear not only a pathway in your space, but in your mind and goals too!

Joshua talks about the two main reasons we’re so wrapped up in lives of accumulation and how we can begin taking the most simple steps to clearing away the clutter and enjoying the peace that comes with it.  Whether you’re buried under your workspace or your wardrobe, Joshua has meaningful words and practical advice for how to start on your own journey of experiencing more by having less.


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