Renovation Reality: Don’t Skip the Details (They can cost you!)

Episode 3 shines the light on little details that can cost you big!

In Episode 3 of this exclusive web-series, Renovation Reality, with real estate expert Collette McDonald, she covers the little details that can cost you big bucks if you don’t pay attention up front!  You’ll also see this design inspiration and the plans for this Atlanta based renovation.

A ‘hidden’ detail that most people don’t consider is, ‘Can I live in this home while its being renovated?’  Depending on the size and scope of your renovation plans, will things like dust and debris create a problem for any of the family members in the home?  If someone struggles with asthma or other breathing problems, a significant renovation may be too much for this person to handle.  If you assess that you and your family will need a hotel stay, consider that cost or explore the option of staying with family or friends depending on the timeline, of course!

It’s not uncommon for home renovations to take place in homes that are older than the 1970’s, sometimes even to the turn of the century.  With these homes, you have to consider hazards like lead based paint, asbestos and more. Every state and/or county will have their own policies on what is consider safe remediation and removal of hazardous materials and some may not even give you a permit until they have done an inspection on these issues!  A hindrance to your timeline, for sure, so make sure to explore your own markets laws on hazardous materials.

Our final hidden detail on todays episode is found on the outside of the home!  Did you stop to think about how your expansion could affect your desire to add or remove trees from your property?  This is where an Arborist will come in handy.  An Arborist will be able to assess what trees are considered ‘protected’ and how many trees may need to be replanted in place of any removal in order to make up the difference.  Don’t try to do this on your own – a wrong call can cost you a large fine!

Now, its time to see the progress thats been made since Week 1 of the series.  It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for, so watch the full episode as Collette walks you through the home and shares the inspiration for this project.

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