Renovation Reality: Framing, Floor Plans & Fabricators, Oh My!

After last week’s progress, its easy to think that we were past those pesky problems and on our way to renovation glory!  In Episode 8, Atlanta real estate expert, Collette McDonald has her hands full again with new flubs and foibles.  This week’s happenings could have stopped the sellers heart, but because they are staying on top of the project alongside the contractors, these latest snafus were caught and corrected early!

When we first began, the project was estimated at 4 to 6 months.  Considering its already Week 8, it appears we have a ways to go.  So, hold onto your renovation hats and stay with us as we walk you through why you must stay closely connected to your project at every turn.

Last week, we showed you the framing that had been put in for the renovation. Unfortunately, the framers didn’t read the plans correctly and a wall ended up where it shouldn’t have!  YIKES!  Thankfully, these contractors are on the ball and corrections were made immediately.

Human error wasn’t our only challenge this week.  Mother Nature decided to put a stop to our fabricators coming in and installing those steel beams.  Luckily, it has only put us a few days behind and we’re hopeful that Episode 9 will reveal these gorgeous beams.

Our last stumbling block took us back to the issue of having a level house.  After 54 years, this home has had some settling and there’s some things you just can’t cut corners with – and this is one of them!

You may be wondering “What’s wrong? Why so many issues?”  That’s the difference between a network produced reality show and the hard core, unvarnished realities that we’re bringing you here on this web-series.  While exciting, renovations can also hold many frustrations and issues that aren’t solved in a one hour television show.

Watch Episode 8 as Collette points out this week’s problems and helps hold down the fort and reassure us with her expertise that it’s all going to work out fine!

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