We’re only six weeks into the new year, and already some agents have lost their new years mojo!  There are often high hopes coming off of the holidays for a new year that will turn the page to a new level of production.  After all, its the new year and the perfect time to hit the reset button.  So, what happens when its only February and you’re already behind on your goals.  Look around you!  What does your office, home or car ‘say’ about you? Are you actually set up for success or does your environment scream stress?!

It’s not uncommon for chaos to rule in the life of an agent.  The initial desire to be an independent contractor is often overshadowed by the reality that when you own your own business, you actually work more, not less.  At least until you have mastered systems that allow you to delegate and enjoy the freedom your success has bought you.  In the fleury of trying to keep all the plates spinning, organization and focus take a backseat and agents end up taking on the qualities of a ‘pop tart’ agent rather than a top producing one!

If you find yourself ‘popping up’ at a moments notice for a buyer, seller, or transaction coordination issue, you aren’t practicing the disciplines and systems that will set you up for success and superstardom in real estate.

What do those things look like?  We have 10 steps that every agent should be taking to take their businesses to the next level:

Purge your office of all non-essentials. Throw out old papers, old files, clutter, and any outdated material. When in doubt, throw it out. If you haven’t use it in the past 30 days, it goes. Do this before you take action on any of the other items.

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