Where did the time go?  That’s what so many agents say around Noon when they realize that half the day is gone and they’ve done nothing to really move their business forward.  Instead of basing their time and daily schedule on profit, they get sucked into passive activities and drama that gets them stuck in the weeds, up to their eyeballs in things that don’t contribute to making their goals and often leave them feeling discouraged – and broke!  Secret: The actions you take either lead you to profit or peril.  Today we discuss the most common profit-killing, schedule wrecking activities of all agents, regardless of market, experience or price range and how to take back control!

In Part 2 of our series, we examine the important of the first element of what you need to get control over; your lead generation.  If your recall, we told you there were six areas of real estate you needed to be doing daily in order to stay on track: lead generation, lead follow-up, prequalifying, presenting, negotiating and closing.

Lead generation is where it all starts.  You are either running a marketing based, prospecting-enhanced company, OR a prospecting-based, marketing enhanced company. You also may be a referral-only company, but that’s not sustainable.  If you’re a prospecting-only company thats extremely dependent on you.  The first two are the most sustainable.  Being a prospecting-based and marketing enhanced company is the most viable, long term, and the most stable and least dependent on marketing conditions.

Now that we know lead generation is the most vital first step, you need an ideal daily schedule that incorporates that.  Ideal means that you follow it four out of five working days, every week that you’re not on vacation.

6:30am – Awake!  Powerful affirmations, 20 to 30 minute simple work out, 8 oz of water and review your goals for the day.

Secret: No day should have more than 5 specific, attainable, achievable goals – 3 is better most days.  They should be things like resolve a home inspection issue, get listing docs back from seller, get contract signed or followup on 100% of my leads.

7:00am: Take a look at your financial goals.  Are you trending up or down? By how much? What do your white boards say?

Note: At this point, you’re 100% in control of mind, body and wallet.

7:00am to 8:00am: Breakfast, shower, dress.  When in doubt, dress for success.  Always be dressed one level nicer than your prospect or client.

8:00am: Take 20 minutes ONLY to clear out any mission-critical emails, voicemails and texts.  Delete all spam and trash and delegate anything you can to your Transaction Coordinator.  If you don’t have one, you ARE it!  Prioritize by urgency and set a plan in place.

8:30am to 9:30am: Relentless Lead Follow Up with an intent to set an appointment.

Listen to todays podcast to hear all the details of the plan, our personal experiences and those of our clients in putting this ideal schedule into place!

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