Award-winning, top producing agent, Chandler Haliburton, was a personal coaching client of Tim Harris’ — until he wasn’t.  He’s back in coaching with Tim again and better than ever!  What made this young, rising star abandon the coaching sherpa that had led him up the mountain of success?  Complacency.  Pure and simple.  Looking back, Chandler shares the mindset he was in after achieving more than he’d ever done before and what brought him back to coaching.

In his inspiring interview, Chandler tells the story of how he first heard Tim & Julie on the podcast and joined coaching, only to get caught up in the comfort of new success – resting on his laurels.  Today, he echoes the sentiment clients and regular listeners have heard so many times before: “There’s no magic pill, no easy button – it doesn’t exist.” Though he’s fueled by his competitive nature, even this super agent has the things he loathes to do!

This time around, Chandler is committed to working through those things and realizing all his next level dreams!  Since his return, he’s been seriously looking at what made him soar the first time around and building on the things he knows he needs to focus on.  And how have those changed?  Well, its no longer the fancy business card design he spent so much time on before!  What, you say?  No fancy systems or gadgets or colorful brochures? He now sets his sights on simply doing the activities that make him money the fastest!

Listen to Chandler talk about those money-making activities and share the things he wishes he’d done a lot sooner as a new agent.  As he candidly reveals the things he still struggles with in his daily schedule, there’s much to learn for every new agent and the veterans who like the old Chandler, may have mentally checked out of going any higher! It’s hard not to be excited about the opportunities real estate holds after todays interview, so don’t miss it!

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