Your client can tell a lot about you just because of the car you drive.  Just like your clothes and your overall appearance, your car is part of the “first impression package” you present to your immediate outside world. Even if you’ve met your clients several times, the first time they see or drive around with you in your car for a day of showings, your clients will have more insight into who you are as a person and how you operate as a real estate agent.

If you drive an SUV, parents of children and the kids themselves will have an immediate connection with you.  Your SUV says that you know first hand what families need to have in a car in order to drive your kids and their gear around to soccer practices, dance classes, and trips to the beach.  You can translate that “family” connection to houses best suitable for families.

Driving an environmentally friendly car telegraphs to you client your commitment to conserving the planet.  If your client shares that commitment, you can appeal to that client by showing them homes that have the most energy saving potential in terms of devices, appliances and add ons such as solar panels.

Electric Car charging on a power supply station.

A convertible smacks of speed, boldness, individualism and fearlessness.  Your convertible, particularly if it’s red, will appeal to strong, outgoing personality types who are drawn to out-of-the-box architectural designs and innovations.


If you drive a luxury vehicle, you will likely convey to your client that you know your way around the luxury housing market and that you, more often than not, are able to negotiate an excellent deal on behalf of you client.  On the other hand, others may perceive you and your luxury car as flashy and impractical.  Make sure to communicate to your client that you are a down-to-earth agent who knows how to consummate the deal.

As impressionable as the type of car you drive are the condition in which you drive the car and the amenities you offer to the client in the car.  Is it clean and fresh smelling?  Do you have on-car services such as USB chargers and WiFi hotspots so your client can do his/her business in your car without having to drink the charge on their personal devices?  Do you have convenient, non-messy snacks and water on hand in case anyone gets thirsty or hungry?  Do you have pens and notepads so your client can jot down details and thoughts  about the houses you’re showing them so they don’t forget them?

The more comfortable a client feels with you personality-wise and the more conveniences you can provide your clients outside and inside your car, the more likely you and your client will carve together a successful real estate transaction.



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