Its easy to spot after having being a coaching relationship with an agent for awhile; the hesitancy to move to the next level of success.  It typically comes from something in their head that has told them that they either can’t be successful or shouldn’t be!  That they’re not worthy or that having more money will make them a bad person.

The reality is that being successful is two parts: having a great mindset and a great skill set.  You can’t be successful (or be there for long) without both.  So what you think about being successful (if its negative) can be the key to unlocking the reason you have been unable to reach the next stop on your journey to the top.

What are we really dealing with here?  It’s a myth that says that the only way to be successful is to sacrifice your family, friends, ethics and morals.  In fact, its just the opposite.  You’ll have better relationships, more money, higher ethics, and a better life ‘at the top,’ whatever the top means to you.

Top producers have a few traits in common.  First, they are known to be emotionally stable, while still being fantastically rich.  Emotional stability is a huge factor to becoming successful without sacrificing your soul.  So, what does emotional stability look like?  Here’s some of the characteristics we’ve seen after decades of coaching the top producers:

  1. Top producers don’t take everything so personally.  Top producers stay at the top because they know that when you generate a lot of business, you don’t have to tolerate as much of the drama. They know how to say ‘Next!’ when something doesn’t go their way.
  2. Top producers don’t get caught up in silly arguments and they don’t start them either. A top producing agent that is emotionally stable will allow a great deal to go smoothly. They don’t manufacture issues to justify their commission check.

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