You know who to call and you’re prospecting environment is ready to go!  Now, its time to get serious about securing some appointments.  This is where agents can fall off track.  Either from past experiences or not enough experience, they’ve adopted sloppy habits and some mindsets or rules that simply aren’t true and don’t work.

Often times either from over-obsessing or even avoidance, agents get tied up in the weeds and box themselves in to ideas like not leaving voicemails, focusing on number of contacts or using scripts that turn the seller off.  We have 20 of the best, most powerful prospecting rules that will actually bring freedom to your prospecting time and allow you the flexibility of performing at your peak when you follow them.

Here’s the first 5 rules to start following today:

  1. Use modern scripts, written for todays sellers and buyers, for todays market conditions.  Are you still using a line you learned 10 years ago at a seminar?  You know, the stiff, antiquated, completely impersonal attempts at closing for an appointment?  Or maybe you’re guilty of mixing n’ matching!  Either way – stop.  Know your market, use your local vernacular and for heaven’s sake – listen to the answers and respond accordingly.
  2. DO leave a short and to the point message if you get their voicemail.  We’re not quite sure where agents got the idea to hang up and not leave a message for a buyer or seller when calling!  Is this junior high all over again?  It’s bad enough many agents play ‘secret agent’ around town, but over the phone?  How else will a prospect know you’re interested in helping if you never let them know you called!
  3. Begin your prospecting time with lead followup, calling your most likely to set an appointment people first!  Wouldn’t it feel great to start your prospecting time with a WIN before moving onto the tougher calls like FSBO’s and Expireds?  An early victory in lead followup can set the mindset stage for the rest of your morning.
  4. There is no ‘best time’ to call someone. We hear this all the time..When is the best time for me to call?  Its typically just an excuse to avoid calling.  Try calling any and all times you are most focused!
  5. Use the scripts and commit to never ‘winging it.’ Agents typically fall on the side of winging it or analysis paralysis.  Wings are for chickens and angels, so use those scripts so you don’t take a nosedive and stop overanalyzing (even if you don’t know the scripts perfectly yet)…just learn while you earn!

For more insights on our powerful prospecting rules and inspiration to help get you started, listen to todays podcast and stay with us for the rest of the week as we cover all 20 prospecting rules!

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