Renovation Reality: What to Do While Waiting

Atlanta real estate expert, Collette McDonald, is back for Episode 6 of her web-series, Renovation Reality.  Its hard to believe its been six weeks since work started on this Brookhaven, Georgia home!  At first it seemed like things were rolling right along and then in Week 4, we faced an unexpected setback with piers, pipes and pouring rain – oh my! We’re happy to report that progress has been made on those, but admittedly, for the average viewer (and homeowner) something a little more ‘sexy’ would have liked to be seen by now!

No worries, though!  Today, as Collette shows us the slow, but stable progress, she also shares some important information about what homeowners can be doing during this downtime in the process.

It’s not uncommon for a homeowner to feel stress at this point in the timeline.  Just like in traditional resale home marketing, the seller has just come off of many decisions and turned over the reigns to the professional.  Six weeks is a long time for a homeowner to do nothing!  So, what’s the cure?

It’s time for the homeowner to engage again and use this downtime to double check the plans!

Collette also touches on the responsibilities of the ‘Cost-Plus’ renovation method.  While it offers substantial project savings, its definitely not for a person who lacks organization! With savings comes great responsibility and in this method its up to the homeowner to be working on their own timeline in having whatever fixtures, appliances, and finishes they want used in project, chosen and delivered on time.

Make sure to watch this weeks’ video all the way through to catch a glimpse of the updates that have been accomplished and hear what’s coming up for Episode 7!  It sounds like next week will be a big week for change at this Brookhaven home, so stay tuned!


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