Selling a home today isn’t an easy thing, but it doesn’t have to be as challenging as advance-level mathematics. However, the degree of difficulty does increase when you are selling a luxury home.

One Realtor has raised the bar in marketing luxury real estate.
Ben Bacal, of Los Angeles-based Rodeo Realty, has partnered with 929Media and Rafiki Creative to develop well-produced videos to showcase luxury real estate listings.

Bacal specializes in marketing and he relies in a mix of advertising and video. The videos look more like Super Bowl ads than the traditional real estate video, and they are perfect for the internet.

“Three-quarters of all internet traffic will be from video in 2017,” he told The Real Deal Magazine.

Using narrative techniques and cinematic visuals, Rafiki Creative has set a new standard for marketing luxury real estate. The production company is based in Los Angeles and works with clients to produce epic visual content, shot primarily with their drone.

Bacal initially reached out to Rafiki to partner on creating luxury real estate videos intended to effectively market – and ultimately help sell – the homes they showcased. Cost ranged from $20,000 to $40,000.

The videos produced with Rafiki Creative feature cinematography that is on par with any quality television or film production. These videos go beyond traditional listing videos with aerial drone shots set to an ambient soundtrack.

The videos are creative and feature complete plot lines to showcase the property. One stars a Corgi dog that inherits millions of dollars and lives the luxury life in a mansion.

In another video, viewers are taken into the mind of a master art thief as she executes her perfectly designed plan. As she makes her way through the home, the plot cleverly highlights the features of a luxury home.

A third features two youngsters who feign illness and spend the day in a luxury home. With a not to “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” and set the music of the Beach Boys, the children enjoy a day in a luxury home. Like the movie, it even features a Ferrari.

In addition to attracting potential buyers, Bacal said the listings also help to land new clients and more luxury listings.

“Sure, you can show your expertise and talent with a one-on-one conversation,” he said. “If you do it on video, you can reach hundreds if not thousands of clients all at once.”

The internet has significantly changed how consumers shop, and productions like the Rafiki Creative videos can help a real estate agent who is selling a luxury home utilize the internet for maximum exposure.

Advertising is a form of communication. When you enter the world of marketing luxury properties, it must also be an art form.

Rafiki Creative uses its cinematographic creations to tell the perfect story and the visuals create a ‘brand’ just like BMW or Rolex. Cultivating a brand is all about having a unique message, and a creative video is a perfect canvass.

Having a video that goes viral can be just as important as location, location, location.

And using video and the internet to spread the message just makes sense. After all, with a price of $50 million, how many potential buyers can you realistically expect to reach without a viral video?

With a limited number of potential buyers in any area with the financial resources, spreading word nationwide and even globally makes sense for Realtors like Bacal.

High-quality video advertisements for luxury properties show just how effective various media are in marketing real estate. It is a clear indication of how the industry is evolving today.

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