We’ve seen the recent “Bloomberg List of America’s Most Expensive Towns in Every State.” Now it’s time to see the “List of Least Expensive Towns in Every State”, according to the US Census Bureau’s lastest American Community Survey (ACS).

The ACS pulls data from 2013-2017 estimates in towns with at least 500 owner-occupied housing units with mortgages. The least expensive town in every state is selected by comparing monthly owner costs including mortgage payments, insurance, utilities, property taxes, etc. Take a look:

Roanoke AL                        $736/monthly owner costs

Soldotna AK                        $1,415/monthly owner costs***

New Kingman-Butler AZ   $765/monthly owner costs

Pocahontas AR                   $613/monthly owner costs**

Avenal CA                          $795/monthly owner costs

La Junta CO                       $957/monthly owner costs

Stafford Springs CT            $1,373/monthly owner costs***

Georgetown DE                  $1,176/monthly owner costs***

Brookridge FL                    $751/monthly owner costs

Lakeview GA                       $831/monthly owner costs

Hawaiian Ocean View HI      $961/monthly owner costs

Rupert ID                           $909/monthly owner costs

Fairfield IL                          $732/monthly owner costs

Sullivan IN                          $759/monthly owner costs

Charlton IA                         $807/monthly owner costs

Norton KS                           $817/monthly owner costs

Monticello KY                       $711/monthly owner costs

Oakdale LA                          $756/monthly owner costs

Millinocket ME                       $886/monthly owner costs

Cumberland MD                    $984/monthly owner costs

North Adams MA                   $1,175/monthly owner costs***

St. Helen MI                         $673/monthly owner costs**

St. James MN                       $766/monthly owner costs

West Point MS                      $825/monthly owner costs

Mt. Vernon MO                   $674/monthly owner costs**

Anaconda MT                     $876/monthly owner costs

Falls City NE                       $859/monthly owner costs

Laughlin NV                        $979/monthly owner costs

Berlin NH                            $1,126/monthly owner costs***

Holiday City South NJ           $1,028/monthly owner costs***

Anthony NM                       $758/monthly owner costs

Salamanca NY                     $810/monthly owner costs

Long View NC                      $814/monthly owner costs

Devils Lake ND                    $887/monthly owner costs

Fostoria OH                         $766/monthly owner costs

Seminole OK                       $747/monthly owner costs

Milton-Freewater OR            $962/monthly owner costs

Oil City PA                            $737/monthly owner costs

Pawtucket RI                        $1,592/monthly owner costs***

Homeland Park SC               $734/monthly owner costs

Huron SD                            $893/monthly owner costs

Savannah TN                       $773/monthly owner costs

San Elizario TX                    $718/monthly owner costs

Price UT                              $987/monthly owner costs

Newport VT                        $1,171/monthly owner costs***

Covington VA                      $779/monthly owner costs

Omak WA                           $926/monthly owner costs

Clarksburg WV                    $776/monthly owner costs

Antigo WI                           $795/monthly owner costs

Worland WY                        $1,029/monthly owner costs***

*** denotes most expensive of least expensive towns

** denotes least expensive of least expensive towns

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