Want to get off on the right foot?  It begins with the handshake!  Upon meeting a buyer or seller for the first time, the handshake is a telling sign of who you’re working with and will determine how they see YOU too.  Today we talk about the proper etiquette surrounding one of the most basic and daily greetings in business and social settings. Learn the secrets and subtleties of what makes a ‘good’ handshake, when you’re supposed to do it and why it matters to what you’re trying to accomplish.

Whether its business or social, nobody likes an uncomfortable handshake.  And some people have no middle ground!  It’s either a bone-crushing death grip or a wimpy, wet fish! But where’s the confident, assured and friendly handshake of a person you’d want to welcome into your home and do business with?  It’s a challenge for many people who fail to realize the message they’re sending to the other person.  Because its subconscious, continued neglect of this simple social etiquette can cost you business.  More importantly, not knowing how to “decode” the other persons handshake can leave you unprepared in knowing the kind of person you’re about to deal with!

We unpack the finite details of the handshake; the timing, the feel, how to use eye contact. We’ll teach you secrets about what each type of handshake means and how to ‘go the extra mile’ in giving the best, most confident and professional handshake you can give.  Who said you couldn’t role play the handshake, right?

Did you ever think about the question of ‘When’ you handshake?  It is every time?  Only the first and second time?  At what point does your relationship ‘outgrow’ the need to handshake, if ever?  Especially when dealing with people that you don’t know, its critical to be self-aware and be able to read each and every situation before you make a poor first impression with a prospect!