Whether you can’t find homes for your buyers, you’re tired of fighting about commission rates, or sick of losing out on the competitive offer situations, we have a solution for you — Become a New Construction Agent!  Want to build massive streams of business and income, while brand new houses are built for your buyers?  We have the blueprint for breaking into this segment of your market.  We’ll give you step by step actions on how to get started, tell you the easiest to most advanced ways to approach new construction, and why this “spoke” is so important to your real estate career!

Yesterday we left off talking about the reasons why new construction should matter to you. Today we learn about the various opportunities available to you when you decided to dive into this new segment.  With personal experience of their own, Tim and Julie go through each of the 7 methods of working the new construction angle – from the most basic to the niches worked by the most seasoned pro’s.

It’s as easy as starting out by offering to sit in a new model home for the builder rep when they’re out sick or away on vacation.  Sell their listing when you can and keep the leads of those who don’t end up building with that builder or building at all. Remember!  These are potentially new listing leads (if they have a home to sell) as well as buyer leads!

You can then work your way up to the most advanced method of developing land yourself or with investors!  It can include anything from house-by-house tear downs, to rehabs or larger projects.  But there’s five other ways we talk about in between that you can learn to build up this ‘spoke’ on your lead generation wheel.

Finally, we close out this topic with the big question of HOW?  How do you get started? Join us for the rest of the podcast as we outline 10 ways to make yourself the newest NEW construction specialist in your market!

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