If you list, you last.  That’s how the saying goes!  So, why do many agents walk around accepting only a 50% ratio on appointments vs. listings taken?  The last time we checked, 50% was a failing grade, not the ratio of a long-lasting, superstar agent!  If you’ve been hovering around this number, your checkbook is probably feeling it.  Let’s decide right here and right now that this year is going to be different!  There’s still plenty of time to make up any lost ground from the first quarter and turn your game around.  Becoming a strong listing agent is the only way create a real estate business with cash flow, instead of cash spurts!  What’s the secret to giving listing presentations that win every time?  Let’s start with some listing presentation rules that you have follow consistently if you want to be rich in real estate!

First, you actually have to have a listing presentation.  No, we are not talking about that 2 pocket folder that you throw around, filled with copies of MLS data sheets, where you decide on the fly what you’re going to say!  We’re taking about real seller and buyer presentations, that are designed to answer every objection and presented with real scripts that lead your prospect to a natural ending – the close and the signature! These presentations must be both powerful and proven.  Make sure you’re not using a presentation thats outdated, that uses vernacular or information that isn’t relevant to todays market or people.  If you’re only seeing a 50% success ratio, this could be a big part of the reason why!

You also have to be ready to accept 100% responsibility for the outcome – good or bad.  If you don’t get the listing, stop making excuses that blames others, the market, your broker, the relationship etc.  You will never realize your true potential as a real estate agent if you continue to allow yourself off the hook for not following a consistent, powerful and proven listing plan.

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