Let’s face it.  You got into real estate because you loved the idea of not having a boss.  It’s at least one of the reasons, right?  The flip side to that though, is…there’s no boss.  No boss to tell you what to do, how to do it, when to do it – and then kick you in the butt if you don’t do it!  It’s fun at first, but after awhile, the lack of a built-in-boss can be a disaster for your real estate career.

Without a boss, agents can find themselves drifting along, accomplishing little but feeling like they’re doing a lot.  The way to overcome this is not only by having a schedule, but one that contains elements that move you toward the goal of listing, negotiating and selling properties.  “But, wait a minute!, you say, ‘I got into real estate so I didn’t have to have a schedule!”  Think back to the last time you had a schedule.  It was either your last W-2 job or for some, maybe it was the years you spent in school.

Think about how much you accomplished in school!  Schedules and bells and a variety of classes moved you through your day.  Assignments and quizzes and papers tested your knowledge and held you accountable for learning.  After a lifetime of built in accountability, a new career in real estate can be confusing because absolutely no-one is holding you accountable – for anything!  So, what takes priority?  How are you supposed to know what to do and when?  When faced with this question, some agents never find the answer and eventually just fade out of the business.  Other agents run to the opposite end of the spectrum and try to strap themselves to a straight-jacket, minute by minute schedule, which never lasts long, leading their income to rise and fall.

What if we tricked our brains and made it into a game?  After all, who doesn’t like games? What if we just focused on the things that made us money each day and moved through our day strategically, as if we were moving our way through a treasure hunt or along a game board?  If you love winning, your competitive spirit is going to love this!

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